No creative project can survive without an appropriate tribute of tea, scones and crumpets. With this in mind, please have a look below at the wonderful people who helped shape Falgrove’s concepts and creativity into what you see on this site. All links to sites lead to external website content I have no control over.



The Falgrove Reference Sheets were drawn by the artist Astrocat, who worked her illustration magic brilliantly with each piece.


Ash Crisp, or the Wandering Eccentric, is a British fellow hailing from the south of England who often wears a large brown raincoat, a shiny silver pocket watch, and a large brown hat. When not creating strange creatures or working out odd stories, he can be found breaking into media as a Supporting Artist and Voice Actor.

Falgrove and all the species and characters therein are property of Ash Crisp and all Falgrove content, names and images are not for public use without explicit permission.