What’s this, content?

Hello there!

It’s been a while since Falgrove updated, but at long last, I’ve gotton around to sprucing up the site a little! Granted, there’s not much here still, but right now having things working is certainly higher on my to-do list then having everything polished off.

So why now? A project I’ve been running with the wonderful Astrocat for a while now has finally come to its end. You might notice a few pages in the menu bar, and yes, each of those species is a reference sheet. It’s been a lot of work, but now every single character and species of note within Falgrove has it’s own reference sheet along with the core facts about each species or person.


Over the next few months or so I’ll be making a post or two to dip more into what Falgrove is, and to give more background information about various parts of Falgrove. For now though, please do enjoy the Reference sheets, things have always been slow with this little project of mine, but progress is progress!